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Uni Cards: The Pay 1/3rd Card (Check Uni Pay 1/3rd Credit Cards Features & Benefits)

First of a kind innovation that lets you pay your monthly spends in 3 parts over 3 months for NO EXTRA charges.

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Uni Pay 1/3rd Card – Backed by Visa – Pay 1/3rd, get 1% rewards & enjoy 6,9,12,18+ months EMI plans.

The Pay 1/3rd revolution is here. Uni Pay 1/3rd Card is exclusively made to help you pay in 3 parts for no extra charges. Backed by Visa, Uni Pay 1/3rd Card is accepted at 99% of the places across the country that accept credit/debit cards. Yes, that’s true now spend anywhere and everywhere with your Uni Card and just Pay 1/3rd.

Pay 1/3rd. It’s possible, it’s better.

What you’ll love about Uni?

1. Pay 1/3rd for all your transactions – Divide your spends in 3 parts for 3 months for no extra charges. A bill of ₹15000 is divided into 3 payments of ₹5000 for the next three months.

2. Get 1% rewards when you Pay in Full – You can also choose to pay in full like usual post 30 days free credit period & enjoy 1% rewards.

3. Convert your transactions to 6/9/12/18+ EMIs (Coming soon) – Take all the time you need. Choose affordable longer EMI plans for your spends.

4. Nothing is hidden here – 100% Money back guarantee incase a charge or fees is applied without your knowledge.

5. Instant card within minutes – Get a card instantly for paying online till your physical card arrives.

Oh wait, there’s more 🙂

6. Easy Card controls: Easily manage and track your online/offline & contactless payments & set your limits for every transaction.

7. Flexible repayment options: Choose the option to carry forward some amount to the next bill by paying a nominal Carry Forward Fee.

8. Bill reminders: Get multiple bill reminders before your Due Date to avoid being charged Late Fee.

9. One-click Card lock: Lock your card instantly in case of emergency. Unlock easily via app when needed.

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It just takes a few mins. The application is in 3 parts –
1. Check Eligibility: Give us a few details & check if you’re eligible for our card
2. Submit KYC: Complete paperless KYC
3. Get Card: Instantly get your digital card & start spending online

Fees & Charges

Joining FeeNil
Renewal/Annual FeeNil
Interest on revolving amountLate fees only, as per the slab

Key Highlights of Uni Pay 1/3rd Card

  • Its not Credit Card, It is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) product.
  • No Annual fees ( Till Now)
  • No Joining Fees
  • 1%  discount on bill payment.
  • Bill can be split into 3-EMI at no extra cost/Interest.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • Only Late Fees, No Interest on late bill payment*.
  • Easy application and approval Process.

Rewards 1% Cashback to card (if paid in full)

The system splits “each payment” into 3 parts by default, but you can however choose to pay in full and enjoy 1% cashback

Credit Limit

One of the most important aspect of an entry-level card is the credit limit, as most card issuers give a relatively low limit especially when its the first card with the bank.

Uni however states that they can issue cards with credit limits ranging from 20,000 INR to 6 Lakhs which sounds promising.

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Should you get Uni Card?

As always, it depends on your profile and the needs. To sum up, You get the following benefits with the Uni card:

  1. Lifetime Free Card
  2. Freebies: Mask+Chocolate+baggage tag
  3. Cashback: 1% cashback on all spends – useful if your other cards don’t give rewards/cb on certain txns
  4. Pay Later: Its like 0% EMI card for 3 months – very useful on high value / emergency spends.
  5. Offers: Zomato pro for 3 months – we may have more such offers in future.

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